Our Story

Find out where the Kracklin' Kamut® story started.

Bob Gets His Start

In 1976, Bob Quinn had just graduated with a PhD from the University of California. It was around this time that Bob was one day reading the back of a Corn Nuts® bag (then made with a large corn kernel) and remembered something from his childhood that had intrigued him. 

Back In The Day

He had a memory of seeing a large variety of wheat advertised as King Tut’s Wheat at the county fair. Realizing the grain could have potential, Bob decided to call the makers of Corn Nuts® to see if they would be interested in a giant wheat. After they said yes, Bob began searching for the grain and eventually found one jar full in an old friend’s basement. A sample was taken from the jar and sent off to the producers of Corn Nuts®. After testing the grain, the producers replied saying, “This stuff is fantastic. Where can we get more?” 

On Our Own

Upon learning that the entire remaining available amount of grain could fit inside a pint jar, the producers of Corn Nuts® understandably decided to hold off on making any kind of business deal. Bob knew the grain had potential but did not find a market for it until 1986. It was at this time he began to grow it commercially. As various markets opened up, many positive qualities about the grain were discovered. Some of these include its higher protein content, fabulous taste, favorable cooking qualities, and lower occurrence of issues for people with wheat sensitivities.

Kamut® Gets Popular

As popularity for the grain grew, the trademark Kamut™ was registered and the grain sold under this trademark. Today, the grain is sold in 20 countries and grown by 30 Montana farmers, being used to produce everything from Kamut® pasta to Kamut® milk. After all these years, Bob hasn’t lost his dream to produce the snack food product he thought of long ago. He also has a desire to build up the small community that he grew up in.